In this digital age of disruption, change is no longer a matter of choice – it’s a must. There are various types of change with different forces driving them, but success always requires one consistent element - the need to align people, processes and systems.

During this webinar, Nick Warn, Managing Director of Keypath, will outline the essential elements of business transformation, identify common reasons for failure and explore strategies and tools to support a successful change process. He will explain how a suitable software platform can help an organisation facilitate its transformation by helping to manage the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ elements involved in change while maintaining control of the day to day operations during the transformation process.

Nick will show how the Mavim application, with its fully integrated BPM, digital twin technology and 2-way communication features, can be used as an 'organisational satnav' to guide your organisation through change initiatives.

This Webinar will be in English


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